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Re: Pep Boyz

>Pep Boys is a US-based auto parts chain for those who don't
>live around here.  Sadly, there are none near where I live...

Don't get too jealous.  IMO they are over-rated.  In the past
months my experiences are:
-brake pad anti-squeal spray out of stock
-2-element amber marker/ turn signal bulbs out of stock
-selection of jack stands didn't include any short enough to fit
under my coupe quattro using the stock jack
-always out of 15W50 Mobil-1 (and price higher than most anywhere
else anyhow)

This is worse than shopping for electronics at Frys Electronics!
(motto- come for the electronics, but stay for the soft drinks and

I found solutions to the first 3 at the much smaller and closer
Grand Auto store near my house.  And Wall-Mart/ K-Mart/ any-mart
usually has mobil-1 for cheap(er).

Now I've got a burnt out brake light.  Guess where I _won't_
be stopping tonight!

Matt Rooke