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RE: Getting 'the bolt' off a loose engine

Two things I've done with a similar problem on non Audi engines.

1) I've taken a long piece of heavy angle iron and drilled a pair of holes
that match opposing flywheel clutch bolts.  Bolt the angle iron to the
flywheel and use it as a lever against the floor.  Have a helper balance the
engine on the floor and gronk away with your wrench on the damper nut.

2) I've used an impact wrench.  The mass of the crank and flywheel will be
adequate to keep the sharp blows of the impact wrench from spinning the
crank.  I tend to avoid impact wrenches but this is one place where they
have been a good tool to use.


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The first difficulty with MB001293 - the harmonic damper is still on
the engine.   The alternator bracket is also still there, so I can
attach #2084 - but with 300+ lb ft, the engine is going to want to turn.

I may well wind up having to build some sort of jig to hold it.

Anyone got any clever ideas?

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