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Re: Wheel Lock Recommendation?

I much prefer the gorrilla locks.  Almost impossible to get off without the
tool and look like a common lug when in place.  Also the key is able to be
used with an air gun.




>Thanks Greg.  These are the locks I remember being the favored item not the
>Gorilla locks.
>> Peter-
>> I have Borbet wheels on my car, which have a "sunken" area for the wheel
>> bolts, like the BBS wheels. For this type of wheel, I like to use the
>> "Eurolocks" that can be obtained from Ron's Parts in CN (they advertise
>> European car).
>> Eurolocks are simply a cylindrical "cover" for the factory wheel bolt.
>> It's
>> released by a key from the end. Once it's removed you can use regular
>> tools
>> on the wheel bolt.
>> However, once it's attached to the wheel bolt, its outer cover spins,
>> therefore there's no way to grab and rotate the factory wheel bolt.
>> Granted,
>> you can probably spend some time and use a screwdriver or whatever to
>> break
>> these covers off, but by that time you've marked up the wheels badly, and
>> have taken enough time to make anyone paranoid move on.
>> Note that these work best on wheels where you cannot get a set of pliers
>> around the outside of them.
>> Since they've been installed on the BBS wheels on my GTi and the Borbets
>> on
>> my Audi, I've never had any loss of wheels (and I park in some pretty bad
>> places which formerly resulted in "wheel liberation." Of course, since
>> I've
>> installed them I've never been attacked by a pride of lions, so your
>> mileage
>> may vary...
>> Greg
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>> > Does anyone have wheel lock recommendations?
>> >
>> > I just purchased a new set of wheels and tires and would
>> > like to ensure that that they *stay* on the CQ, unless
>> > I want to remove them.
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