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RE: A3 1.8t in US?

Yes, that really was a dark blue A3 you saw. It belongs 
to an employee of H&R Special Springs in nearby 
Bellingham. She is a German citizen & brought the car in 
as a foreign citizen ( I believe the car can stay for one 
year). The strange part is it has Washington plates, when 
pressed for details on how that happened, no real secrets 
were divulged. On a side note, I was talking to a 
customer of ours who rallies an A4Q in Mexico & found out 
AofMex recieved 200 A3 1.8ts, all 5 speed & various 
colors, this was about 2 months ago so they may all be 
sold by now. I think the price was in the 26K range, 
pretty much in line with european prices.
Ron Wood-Audis a plenty
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