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Just curious... has anyone seen and/or tried these Metrinch tools?

I first saw them on an infomercial (that alone should tell me to stay away!!),
and then keyed up their web site (I assumed the usual... www.metrinch.com).

Conceptually, they look like a good set to have. (They fit both metric and inch
bolts, and as well, stripped nuts/bolts because they grip the walls, not the
points, of the nut/bolt.) If they are of good quality, and work the way they are
designed (and as well as they show in the infomercial), it would be a great set
to have in the trunk... for roadside emergencies and for use at the track. (And
perhaps as a decent set in the garage?)

I didn't spend a lot of time at their website... I saw enough on T.V.... but I
did see that they are made in Taiwan. That alone almost makes me want to pass
(due to perceived quality control shortcomings of some products eminating from
there). (Note:Apologies to any Taiwanese... please take no offense... yada,
yada, yada...).

If no one has bought a set, maybe I can get $$ donations to be the guinea pig
for the group!! :-) (I'm kidding!!)

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(albeit just about daily).

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