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Re: Metrinch?

Jim -

I have an ongoing argument/harassment with a good friend.  I don't have them and
assert that they suck, he owns a set and thinks they're great.

No sockets 'grip the points', that's just a classic  infomercial pitch.  Think about
it, what's a point except 2 sides coming together?  Nothing is going to 'contact
more side' than a good fitting 6 point socket.  A 12 point socket is always a
compromise to that, in return for some convenience of fitting to the nut/bolt.  The
metrinch cute little diagrams sound good at first, but when you stop and think about
it you'll see that by contacting the side with an arc they reduce the contact area
to a single tangent point on each side, rather than a whole side (6 point) or at
least a significant portion of the side (12 point).

OK so I'm anal and always want the right tool for the right job, more tools are good
tools.  On the other hand (uggh, hate the devil's advocate thing...) if you are
cheap, don't do a lot of wrenching, don't have space/budget/use for 2 sets of
wrenches, these things do work for casual application.  In other words, fine for
those who won't use them I suppose...


> Just curious... has anyone seen and/or tried these Metrinch tools?
> http://www.metrinch.com