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RE: Leaking Auxiliary Water Pump - 89 200tq

As a friend, to a friend..........
Don't f&&K with this pump, it will "let go" on you (possibly) at the worst
time, flying on the highway at 80MPH with all lanes busy..........you would
be amazed how quickly you could loose all your coolant.....
I suggest you either bypass it or buy a new pump.........I ran cars for more
than a year with a bypass  with no ill effect,
Email me direct for an option, or wait for Steve to come up with

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This is a followup on my post yesterday about a _leaking Auxiliary Water
Pump_.  I determined that the leak was at the seam between halves of the
impeller housing.  I had considered using sealant or something like JB
Coldweld.  The parts people at my dealer, Harper's Audi in Knoxville, said
this was where the pumps almost always failed (they keep several in stock!)
and strongly discouraged the idea of sealing - wouldn't hold under pressure.
I agreed as I've never had any luck finding something to bond well to
Bakelite.  I travel a lot and didn't want to worry about whether the sealant
would hold.  So, I bought a new pump!  The motor housing on the new pump is
somewhat different; but the impeller housing still has this same seam.   Avi
Meron's idea of using a small block Chevy electric water pump is obviously
another alternative; I just didn't have time to try it.

I am going to experiment with the old pump and see if I can find something
that looks like it might work as a sealant.  I'll keep the group posted.

Bob Enis
Knoxville, TN
'89 200tq
'90 100