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Re: A3 1.8t in US?

There have been several A3's in the states brought in by individuals for 
temporary use. Here in the DC area there's a metallic orange/copper 1.8t 
running around. I believe it belongs to someone at the Swiss Embassy.
Mike Torio

>Are you sure u didn't mistake some other car to be an A3???!!!??? Because
>they aren't available here yet(or so I think).

>Anand Dhanda
>A.K.A. Technik
'>98.5 A4 2.8QMS

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I spotted an A3 1.8t here in Seattle, WA the other day--I didn't think these
were available yet?

It had aftermarket wheels and H&R springs (w/small sticker on rear-left
windshield) and was a dark midnight-blue.

This anyone here's car?  This was at the Sonics game on Easter Sunday, I was
parked next to you in the pearl 90CQ.

Do dealerships have this car yet?  I want one now. :P