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Re: bolt..loose motor

In message <199904071240.IAA09952@obo.netinc.ca> Mike Mulholland writes:

> i recall a post from a few years ago wherein a fellow used the starter motor
> to undo the bolt... not very pretty..but if you can lock the bolt from
> attachments on the engine, and then rig the starter motor to its
> flange..apply 12v and zowwie. because it's all self contained and all forces
> are on the engine itself, not a 10 foot long bar it should work without the
> engine flailing around. in my imagination anyhow.... ymmv

No flywheel.  Also no starter, but that's a detail - I could get the
one off the ur-quattro in a few minutes.  As I may have to, soon - it's
started suddenly overspinning.

 Phil Payne
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