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Re: [syncronized] Metrinch?

Ive had a set in the past.  They actually got stolen out of my Corrado when
it was broken into.

I think they are nice to have....small case perfect for in car emergency
use.    I wouldnt get them for my only set of tools.

They do kick ass on striped nuts/bolts.    Regular sockets just wont get
them out.    

One thing I did hate, was that sense the socket grips the nut on the side,
there is some play back and forth when the socket is on the nut.    In
tight spaces, this play makes it had to ratchet something in any radius
under 2 inches.   The socket moves instead of the ratchet clicking.   If
you get what I mean.

All in all, they were great quality actually......Well worth the $140 I
paid (or so).   Would I buy again?   Possibly...especially to complement my
existing set of normal tools.

At 10:36 PM 4/6/99 -0400, Jim Griffin wrote:
>Just curious... has anyone seen and/or tried these Metrinch tools?
>I first saw them on an infomercial (that alone should tell me to stay
>and then keyed up their web site (I assumed the usual... www.metrinch.com).
>Conceptually, they look like a good set to have. (They fit both metric and
>bolts, and as well, stripped nuts/bolts because they grip the walls, not the
>points, of the nut/bolt.) If they are of good quality, and work the way
they are
>designed (and as well as they show in the infomercial), it would be a
great set
>to have in the trunk... for roadside emergencies and for use at the track.
>perhaps as a decent set in the garage?)
>I didn't spend a lot of time at their website... I saw enough on T.V....
but I
>did see that they are made in Taiwan. That alone almost makes me want to pass
>(due to perceived quality control shortcomings of some products eminating
>there). (Note:Apologies to any Taiwanese... please take no offense... yada,
>yada, yada...).
>If no one has bought a set, maybe I can get $$ donations to be the guinea pig
>for the group!! :-) (I'm kidding!!)
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