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Re: 200 rear caliper problem

On those rear calipers, they build up dirt on the piston edge under the boot
and the piston wont retract fully.... best thing I found is to soak the
caliper externally with WD40 or similar products and then screw the piston
back in... do this on both calipers, replace the dust boot and then
reinstall on the car... NOW>>>BEWARE!!!
When you get in the car to pump the brakes up, DO NOT pump the pedal allthe
way tothe floor as it may blow out the accumulator... only pump half
pedal...or if you worry about this, put a wood block on the floor behind the
pedal to prevent it from bottoming out.  After you get a pedal, then remove
the block and recheck e brake movement.... it should be ok.
john nelson

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From: Peter Schulz <schulz@ed.ray.com>
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Date: Wednesday, April 07, 1999 5:22 AM
Subject: 200 rear caliper problem

>Need a bit of help/advice.  I finally found why the brakes on the TQW
>felt mushy..the rear brakes were not operating, due to the emergency
>brake cam not releasing.  I sprayed the spring and cam on the calipers
>liberally with WD40, and the passenger rear seams to be working now,
>However the driver's rear caliper is still sticking, even after WD40
>and forced operation of the cam.  The good news is that the e-brake
>lever, which once could be raised to the upper limit, now has less than
>two inches of travel, and I don't appear to have a rusted emergency
>I searched the qlist archives but could not find any tips on dealing
>with this problem, and bentley does not appear to go into any detail
>in rebuiding the rear calipers on this issue, only covering piston and
>seal replacement.
>Could someone explain how the emergency brake closes the caliper, so
>I have a better understanding of what is causing the binding, an whether
>the caliper can be rebuilt or whether I should spring for a rebuilt
>-Peter Schulz
>1991 200 TQW
>1990 CQ