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RE: Audi 100 Climate Control woes


I replaced the motor last fall ($300.00 Can, motor only)! When the CC was on
"econ" this morning it wouldn't blow cooler air in the "lo" setting. It will
usually do this. Fan speed does increase when I go to the high setting. I'm
thinking that it can't see the interior temp setting or it is unable to

1) send a signal to the blend door 

2) signal is sent but door is jammed

It's heating up up here so I'll be able to see if the compressor kicks in
after work.


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"Parry, John C" wrote:
> Thanks Mike,
> No luck with the Mitchells in this end of town. The system was blowing
> warm air in -08c temperatures for the past week. This morning it was
> HOT air at 01c temp and did not adjust down as interior warmed up. It
> me 1/2 hr to drive to work and usually the fan speed is nil by the time I
> get to work. I tried decreasing the temp setting but this did not have any
> effect on the air temp. The air did change to the center vents as it was
> supposed to. Sounds like a "blend" flap maybe.....
You won't get compressor startup (ergo cold air) until CC outside temp
sensors report =>4C (40F).

You can't see inside temp sensor readings.  If they fail, they trigger
channel 01 error codes 01,02,11,12 if open or shorted.  

What happens when you put fan speed to hi in econ mode?  If you're not
getting hi speed, then you've got the dreaded dying blower motor
Mike Murphy