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Audi in Shop

Well, I finally bit the bullet and dropped of my 88 88q to a local
idependant shop to have it checked out.

I asked the shop to look at some long standing problems that I've
been having and a new one that just recently developed.  The first
one was the hard starting when hot.  The tech checked the system
fuel pressure.  He said if he removed the temp. sender it read
ok.  If he put it back in, it was'nt.  Also said it needed a new
multi function temp. switch.  According to the tech, this should
take care of the idle bounce.  He said he'd check the fuel pressure
again after replacing the switch and hopes that the fule pressure
checks out ok after the replacement.

My second problem was that after cleaning out my aux. vacuum pump a
couple days ago I must have knocked something loose.  I dunno,
but something happened.  Anyway, the temp. light in the dash started
blinking continuously and the temp. gauge would'nt move from the
cold position.  Guy says that the multi function temp. switch
should fix this.

Temp Sender                 $164
Multi Func Temp Switch      $169
(inlcudes labor - I figure this a'int bad)

Here's hoping that this fixes my problems.  Parts are due to arrive
tomorrow, so wish me luck.  I'll keep all posted.

88 80q (in the shop)
80'ish subway
90'ish metro bus 
(hopefully only 'till tomorrow)