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scratch & sniff (was cold start problem)

Well maybe it's really remove & sniff. After carefully interpreting the 
collective list responses re: my cold start problem 86 4KCSQ, today I removed 
& inspected plugs. All looked OK except for # 2 which also had a mild fuel 
smell. This indicated to me a leaky or poorly spraying injector. Swapped it 
with one from my crashed 4K (the very injector that Doyt Echelberger was so 
nice to send me when I broke a fuel line.) Also the same injector that had 
the tip lodged in my 4K engine & never came back out. Lucky no damage done.
Installed the injector & there seems to be significant improvement. Not 100% 
though & I am wondering if that is due to the absence of the injector tip 
(with the small o ring). Warm up idle is much improved but still laborious. 
Doesn't dip & try to stall anymore, just low, rough idle for a few minutes. 
Anyone venture some guidance here. Dealer says they don't sell the tip, just 
the whole injector.