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Carlisle Import Kit/Replicar Nationals

May 14-16 1999

Coming up is the 1999 Carlisle Import Auto Show. It takes place at the
Carlisle Fairgrounds in Carlisle, PA.

20 Min from Harrisburg, PA
2hrs from Philadelphia, PA
4.5hrs from NY, NY
2hrs from Washington, DC
2hrs from Baltimore, MD
3.5hrs from Pittsburgh, PA

This is one of the best logistically set up enthusiast shows around. 3 Day
event encompasses a whole weekend and offers ample local hotels and free
camping facilities for show participants.

The show grounds are separated into a non-judged show area, judged Compact
Car Power Jam show, indoor vendors, outdoor vendors and swap area, free
tents for clubs with 25 cars in attendance, car corral (cars for sale), kit
car show (ooh aaahhhh, I love Fieros dressed up like Lambos), and many food

The weekend will also feature an on sight dyno, off-sight autocross hosted
by Grass Roots Motorsports and a car giveaway that is usually worthwhile but
is a Fiero Lambo kit car this year which you can sell to buy more stuff for
your VW/Audi. :)

The schedule goes down like this.

7AM - 7PM Show Field Registration office hours and main office hours. Space
reservations, inquiries and general info outside Gate 3. Building T hours.
Cash Advance on Visa Card. Show open all day.

7AM - 5PM Show Field Registration
7AM - 7PM Main office hours outside Gate 3, Building T hours w/ Cash Advance
1PM - Seminar (Ins and Outs of Citroen 2CV)
6PM Cruise through Carlisle - A guided cruise open to all Imports, Kits,
Replicars and Custom Compacts
6PM-9PM Stage Entertainment

7AM-5PM Main Office Hours, Building T Hours
8AM - 12PM Show Field Registration Hours
8AM Stereo Competition judging begins. Registration begins at 7AM and closes
after receiving 50 participants. tentative schedule
9AM Autocrossers leave for Autocross to be held nearby at Harrisburg Auto
Auction in Mechanicsburg.
2PM Club Participation Awards, Compact Power Jam (judged show) awards
4PM Car Giveaway (Artero Kit Car to be given away to lucky ticket holder (or
unlucky) No purchase necessary but you must be present to win)

Autocross $20 Per Contestant
Pre Registered Non-Judged Cars $5 after 4/13 $15
Custom Compact Power Jam Judged Cars $5 after 4/13 $30
Vendor Spaces - Call for info

Information: Call (717)243-7855 or visit the website at

Pre Registration needs to be in by April 13 or these prices go up. I highly
suggest you enter your car in the non-judged field if you are not interested
in judged competition. Daily entry to the show is $5 and then you have to
park in the parking lot and that is per person. Pre registration on a car is
$5 and that includes 2 people into the show for the whole weekend and
several tickets for possibility of winning the almighty kit car on Sunday.

This show gets all types including Honda/Acuras, historic import owners and
kit car owners. Nevertheless it is a great show and has had increasingly
better VW/Audi based coverage over the past three years I have attended. I
will be there, but am not sure which days yet. I will probably be in the
non-judged show field with a silver '99 Passat GLS V6 w/ Audi Sport Wheels.
Hopefully I will see many of you there.