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Re: Coolant Problem/Thermostat location? '92 100

If your '92 100 is set up the same as my '87 5ktq I would change the
thermostat ASAP.  I had similar warnings, occasionally the indicator would
flash due to low coolant (when the level should have been adequate), and
the temperature had just started to run slightly higher then normal.  300
miles from home, cruising at 70 mph, my engine started to ping lightly
going up a hill.  No over temp warning, just slightly above normal coolant
temperature.  Slowed down a little and pinging went away.  By the time I
hit the next hill it was too late, coolant steaming out all over.  Blown
head gasket and cracked head.

I wondered for a while on why I did not receive more of a warning.  When I
inspected the thermostat, it had failed shut!  With boiling water on the
stove it did not open even a little bit.  First failure that I have ever
had like that.  Without coolant circulating through the engine, I do not
believe that I was reading the correct engine temperature on the gage.
Everything seemed almost normal, but the engine was running a lot hotter
then the gages were telling me.

Good luck

At 02:50 PM 4/4/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Howdy Folks...
>This is on a 1992 100 non-q.
>I've been having some trouble with coolant temperature.  The
>coolant gauge has been rising above what has been normal and
>bouncing a little, but temp has not risen enough to kick in the
>fans. During one episode, The low coolant light came on , so I
>pulled over to check it out. I found coolant splashed against
>the brake booster, but I found no source for the splash.  All
>the hoses look in fine shape, the cap and reservoir are not
>visibly cracked  and there are no leaks of any kind.  What I did
>find was that I was 1/2 gallon low on water. So I filled to the
>max line, and continued on my trip, watching the temp gauge. 
>The temp gauge was still bouncing a bit, but not enough to kick
>on the fans.  My guess is that the thermostat is giving out.  ok
> so I have the Alldata CD to check things out.  I went to look
>for info on exactly where the thermostat housing is located, but
>to no avail.  AllData simply says to tension the toothed belt if
>necessary and to unbolt the housing and slide it out from under
>the toothed belt. no picture. no location given.. SO WHERE the
>heck is it?!  I spent a couple of hours looking around on the CD
>to find the thermostat housing described elsewhere, but have
>found nothing. Please help.
>FYI stuff: While I was poking about in the engine compartment, I
>replaced the serp belt and looked at the t*ming belt.  The
>t*ming belt looks in great shape. No cracks or any defects of
>any kind; tension seems good. No leaks from the Water pump.
>T-belt was replaced at 60k.
>Thanks in advance!
>Jon Moritz
>'92 Audi 100  115k miles
>'56 Dodge pickup 98k miles (unrestored original)