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Re: Fair Asking Price for 87 Coupe GT????

In message <370C8879.2EF4@lancnews.infi.net> Dwight Varnes writes:

> Haven't seen it, and I should tell you that hardly ANYONE in the outer
> hemisphere of autodom will know the difference between a 2.3 and a 2.2
> Coupe.

Including Audi.  There is no 2.3 engine for the Coupe GT.  See ETKA -
largest on the engine pages is 2.23 - same story via the long lookup
of each engine code.

What there _IS_ is an irritating little habit Audi had of describing the
2226cc engine as "2.3 litres".  ETKA (and the Bosch database) give the
1B engine from the UK 200TQ as "2.23" - but the MB engine in the ur-quattro
is described as "2.3" in both places - AND IT'S THE SAME 2226cc ENGINE!

The 1981-84 large engine was the KE - described as "2.2" but perhaps
2144cc?  The 1984-1991 engine was the KV - described by ETKA as 2.23
but very likely 2226cc.  I would be very surprised if the engine code
in this case was not KV.

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