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Fundsalo Racing @ 4KQ NHIS & 200q20v @ NED

The Fundsalo Racing 4KQ with the new NF-Code engine was an unqualified
success at NHIS (New Hampshire International Speedway, Loudon NH, USA). No
longer the SLOWEST car on the track (by a good margin :)! The new-found
POWER that comes on at 4000-4500 RPM is amazing! I can now drop down to 2nd
gear in turn 3 and the car actually makes POWER now where it just made
noise before, used to just stay in 3rd and booooog my way around 3 and up
das hill. The new head w/gas-flow, port&polish and 276 Schrick cam were all
worth the $$$. Power does start to drop off at around 6000 RPM though,
perhaps the >176,000 mile cat presents excess flow restriction and/or the
CIS might be leaning out..... My Halmeter AF30 has bit the dust..... Anyone
have an address/phone # for TWM Induction or Hal - please? Gotstah send
this sucker back for repair. A new exhaust sans cat is now in the works.
Also corded a T/A R1, will try the new Khumo Victoracer next event, Sat 15
May @ NHIS.

The 200q20v got a minor carbon clean-out last night at NED (New England
Dragway, Epping NH, USA). Only got one pass due to the logistics of working
with one of my buddies to watch my 3 year-old son Zak while I got on the
track.... Ran a poor 15.0 ET @ 91 MPH with a lousy .8 reaction time and I
hit the rev limiter in 3rd just as I approached the traps. In addition to
the poor RT I used too much RPM and clutch for the hole-shot, she has lot's
more torque off the line Vs the 85 ur-q had with the stock engine, the last
car I ran down the 1320. Much practice is needed..... Also was running only
87 octane as The Wife (Tm) did me a favor and filled her with 87 just
before I headed out to the track. (no good deed goes unpunished! :) There
was another Audi fanatic, he had a 5000TQ with IA chip running ~22 PSI (!),
he ran a 14.8 ET.

Fun happens.    :)

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