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Rad Fan Will not Shut Off

Hi List,

Has anybody had any experience with the rad fan running continously on high
speed? Car in question is an 1989 Audi 100. My climate control is screwing
up and while I was trying the A/C mode the rad fan came on (on) high speed
and now won't shut off. I know the fan should run at reduced speed when the
A/C is selected.
This happened yesterday on the way home from work. This morning when I
started the car (outside temp -02c) the fan again started on high speed, CC
set to Econ. I'm thinking it may be the resistors or the rad switch. I
removed the relay to drive to work and that shut off the fan, I thought I
would be able to turn the fan on by selecting the A/C but that didn't work.

Seems like with the warm weather here the car is making me work outside!
(replaced inner and outer L/H CV joints last Friday in driveway!).

By the way thanks to all for the responses to my CC problem. Will have a
look on the weekend.

1989 Audi 100