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GTech/Pro (was: UFO vs. G60 Wars, Redux)

Nice post, Greg.

I won't get into the UFO/G60 part of it.

I too have recently acquired a Gtech/pro (in recognition of doing 0-60 in,
uhm, 60 yrs!) While I also have found it challenging to locate a good "test
site", more significant are some disappointing early results--along the
lines that you mentioned. Attempts at 0-60 runs seem to be followed by 60-0
stops that aren't detected (i.e. timer won't stop). The user interface is
"simplified" and "elegant" to the point of frustration.

Did your Gtech come with the blasted velcro mounting? That seems to be a
poor method (compared to the slide-on mount they evidently used in the
earlier model).  Whenever it's necessary to de-mount the unit (as for input
of weight for HP measurement, etc) or for security, it's fastened so
tightly by the Velcro that you must completely remove the (suction) mount
from the windshield.

Finally, there's Tesla Engineering's prescription for statistical treatment
of the data. It goes something like this: "Do five tests runs; throw out
the lowest two and average the three remaining values."

I'm considering my 30-day return privilege, but do need to work with it a
bit more. How about you?


>Oh, yeah, I'm stirring up the pot a little bit. I've got direct performance
>numbers on UFOs s G60 brakes.
>First off, I'll admit this is not a very good, nor fair, comparison. I
>removed a set of well used UFO brakes that were in need of replacement, and
>dropped in a nice used set of G60 brakes with good rotors and pads.
>However, the results were quite surprising.
>I had been putting off installing replacement brakes in my 1991 200q. I knew
>the UFO rotors were expensive, and I was hoping to let it go until the pads
>were dead. I never really planned to refurb the UFO brakes, as I was either
>going to go with 2Bennet's Big Red upgrade for UFOs or G60s. The end result
>is that the single-piston UFO brakes were very tired; the rotors really
>couldn't be salvaged (even if I *did* decide to try Wolff's turning trick)
>and the pads were almost gone (still 1/2" of pad left though).
>When I finally decided to go to dual-piston G60 brakes and upgrade to
>something better based on that, I bought all the parts and had them at the
>ready. After reading all the emails 2 weeks ago regarding what was what on
>G60 vs. UFO, I decided to test it out. I bought a Tesla Engineering GTech
>Pro (http://www.gtechpro.com/).
>Just before bringing the car to the shop for the exchange, I loaded a buddy
>of mine in the car and we went testing. Here in CT it's damn hard to find an
>open road, let alone one where I could repeatedly brake to a dead stop,
>where I wouldn't bother anyone else or the local constabulary. I did find a
>side road, though the level of traffic precluded me from doing more than 6
>stops without being noticed. Nonetheless, we were able to get consistent
>The first thing I found out was that my 200q with the Hoppen chip could
>out-G the GTech. If I made a hard 0-60 run, it would never accurately
>measure it, and when I stopped it thought I was still moving (but when I did
>get approximate 0-60 times, it ranged from 6.10 at the lowest to 7.2 at the
>highest.) Thus, the tests were done by a

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