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Re: Pep Boyz

> Let's look at a car with a baseline average fuel economy of 20 mpg, over
> a 100,000-mile interval.
> 100,000 miles therefore takes 5000 gallons of gas.
> Raising the fuel economy by 1.5% (to 20.3 mpg) uses 4926.1 gallons of
> gas to go 100k miles.
> Rounding off that 0.1 gallon gives us a 704-gallon savings over 100,000
> miles.

um, 5000 - 4926 = 74.

> At the price of the gas that's in my tank today ($1.89/gal), that's a
> savings of $1330.56.  Probably not enough to replace an engine, though
> possibly more than the value of a 100k-mile Audi considering that these
> cars shed resale value the way a white cat sheds on a black velvet
> dress.

they did all their shedding in the 80's, really. 

Odd to realise how little more $ synth oil costs over the miles,
though.  even at $4 vs $1 /qt, and 5k changes, thats only a couple
hundred dollars over 5 years (20k/yr)


Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT