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Re: A2 Rally car history


I was at the 84 1000 lakes, but I can't remember for the life of me if I
shot pics/slides.  I did have some press photos of the cars, but those were
mostly of the Sport, and I don't know where to start looking.  I can have a
look around at work for Aug/Sept 1984 Vauhdin Maailma, a mag that covers the
1000 Lakes pre- and post-race thoroughly.

I could also try to get info from Audi Sport in Ingolstadt as to the spec of
the car at the time...

I'm presently up in Lapland, but I'll be back Monday so I can have a look

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland

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Date: 8. huhtikuuta 1999 9:04
Subject: A2 Rally car history

>Hi All,
>I've been contacted by someone in the bay area that has bought an ex-Stig
>Blomqvist A2 (chassis IN-YJ-81).  The car's history is that it competed in
>the 1984 Safari and won the 1984 1000 Lakes rally in Finland.  The car was
>then brought over to the US for Buffum to drive.  Buffum drove it for about
>5 events, and then the car was sold to Vasek Polak for his collection.  The
>owner just recently bought the car from the Vasek Polak collection (which
>being liquidated at a disheartening rate I might add).  I've seen pictures
>of the car, and it has been restored.  It appears that the car is running
>with an A1 engine, and has all steel uprights, instead of the aluminum
>units.  The owner is looking for a complete set of aluminum uprights, in
>addition to a complete A2 aluminum block engine (yes, I know they're next
>impossible to find!!)  I've suggested that the owner talk with Frank
>Sprongl, JB, Heinz Lehmann, Bruno Kreibech and John at Shokan (the latter
>two he's spoken with already, and got nowhere).  The owner is also looking
>for any good pictures of the A2 in the HB paint scheme (I've sent links to
>Martin Pajak's excellent site already).  He's hoping to have the car all
>restored to it's former glory, after winning the 1000 Lakes rally; in
>preparation for the Historics in August.  Any help with the car's history,
>sourcing parts, or pics would be appreciated!!
>-Mark Nelson