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RE: Fair Asking Price for 87 Coupe GT????

In message <df2efb5c.243e68bd@aol.com> CKmeBe@aol.com writes:

> Phil, guess what.  Be VERY surprised! And there is a 2.3 engine for the Coupe
> GT. So, I guess this re-confirms that the car is indeed pretty rare, would it
> not? Especially since you were not even aware of it?  Any idea of the
> production number?

> Here are more details:
> Mfd date: 5/87

So the engine number is below NG006545?

> engine code: NG
> maxium ouput SAE net: 130hp at 5700 rpm
> maximum torque SAE net: 140ft. lbs. at 4500rpm
> No. of cylinders: 5
> displacement: 141 CID / 2309 ccm
> Stroke: 3.40 in. / 86.4 mm
> Bore: 3.25 in. / 82.5 mm
> compression ratio: 10:1

Engine numbers went to NG010122.  However, it's _very_ common for these
sequences to be incomplete.  At most around 10,000 world wide - quite
possibly only half that.

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