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Re: Fair Asking Price for 87 Coupe GT????

Some do know though and know that it has 4 disk brakes as well. It'll be
interesting to me to see how much he gets for it as I'm considering
replacing mine with a turbo unit with 4 wheel drive.
'91 200 tq
'88 5kcstq 1.8 bar (hers)
'87.5 coupe
'86 4kq Eibachs soon or H&R?

Dwight Varnes wrote:
> Haven't seen it, and I should tell you that hardly ANYONE in the outer
> hemisphere of autodom will know the difference between a 2.3 and a 2.2
> Coupe. That disclaimer said, I think reasonable expectations would be
> $3500-3000.
> --