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low rider, RE: Just makes me sick

Let's not over react......
I am thinking about making mine into a "low rider" any input?
I figured I already have an hydraulic pump in the car (albeit, it is a "
piece of work" same guy who did the after run pump did the hyd. pump.
Vickers maybe?). I doubt I could lift anything with that pump anyway.......
What I need is a strong robust pump (maybe out of a Cat)? A pump that will
not need resealing every year or so....

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Ok guys,

Yes, I saw one too- a 1989 BMW 325is with VELVET interior, and
swiveling bucket seats!! They killed it! They F**king killed it!!!

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>  Ok listers, it was bound to happen, and it just makes me sick.  I
>the most horrendous thing tonight, right here in the sleepy berg of
>Colorado Springs...a 5Ks, non-quattro, with 13 inch wire wheels and
>profile white-walls, in the current fashion that has so many Japanese
>cars looking like rail-bound amusement park rides.  Here is hoping
>is not a trend!

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