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Issues rough idle, plus on 93 100csq Avant

I am a new guy on the block but will have to go to the digest Email format
I love the
 information but 120 plus messages a day is too much for me to handle!

I have 6,000 miles on OEM warrentee and want to resolve a few problems,
while I can.
I got it in 1997 with 60k miles on it ( now has 90k).  It had a rough idle
from the beginning.
I asked the dealer to explore and they said it is normal.  This engine
idles a little better
than my old 62 327ci vette with a 3/4 cam. It really has a noticeable
shimmy, at stand still,
( I really don't like the Trany setup that requires you to floor it to get
pick-up).  I recently
replaced the plugs ( Bosh split fire type plugs) I think the Distr. Cap &
Wires look OK.

They also said the intermittent check engine warning lite has to do with
the gas cap being
loose and to disregard.  I have disregarded  it but it seems dangerous
because how would
I know if something goes wrong that really needs attention.

Finally, it puked its water pump a year ago and they warrentee repaired it
but I now noticed
a foam type substance in the overflow tank ( incompatible coolant mixed?)
but the gauges
and physical look see indicate it is running  as it should.

I am currently implanting a used 5ks motor in my 200,000 mi. 87 5ks Avant,
have owned
85 5kt my 1st love, & an 86 5ks. my current stable also includes 2 MGB's, 2
Rover SD1's,
77 460 Linc town coup, tow car, a 88 Cady Coup D and a 76 F250 pick-up. A
bit eclectic.