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RE: 5KCSTQ Fan Issues

Richard said;

> anyone ever run into a weird problem with the cooling fan where it seems
> to
> have suddenly gotten real loud?
> My fan kicks on at the right time, etc. -- but it seems a LOT louder than
> usual.
I have had both bearing noises and fan noises.  The fan noise was from it
hitting the fan shroud that had sagged due to age.  The bearing noise was
just that...  a bearing noise.  This first can be ignored until you have
time unless it is real bad.  The second, bearing noise, needs attention NOW.
Replace fan motor (upgrade it to newer fan model is nice).  The fan motor
can seize and take out your wiring,which results in a $1,200 fire.  

I was also wondering if there is a situation where the fan can bypass 2nd
speed and run on 3rd speed hurricane mode all the time...  Listers??
>   Also, is it possible for the fan to work when the car is running,
> but not work in 'after run' mode
Most definitely.  Resistor pack was my culprit...

> One more: I have been using regular coolant (green). Should I switch to
> the
> Pentosin red stuff?
Green coolant is the Audi/VW stuff or Sierra, which goes into the radiator
tank.  It is fine, keep it in there.

Pentosin is kind of a greenish gooey oil, which goes into the hydraulic
system.  There are 2 types, the old stuff in the green can, and the new
stuff, synthetic I believe, which comes in a green can with a red cap(I
think).  Mike says they are totally interchangeable, no worries, use
whichever you can get your hands on.  

Just don't mix the two paragraphs above...

Gary Lewis 
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86 5kcstqw Sapphire and Platinum, stock 
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