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Re: S4

in *simplest* terms...

torque = acceleration
horsepower = top speed

remember, horsepower is @ one specific rpm, and rises with rpms..
while torque is more broadly spread over the rev range...and you have to
*use that rev range* to accelerate.

you can't accelerate with the engine at max horsepower (well, maybe with a
CVT) because then the *engine isn't accelerating*

again, this is in the simplest terms...

>I was always under the impression that:
>    torque = pulling power
>    horse power = acceleration
>An over square engine (b>s) will generally be low in torque at lower rpms,
>will rev freely and create hp as rpms build.
>An undersquare engine (s>b) will pull from lower rpms and loose power as
>Of course, I could be wrong, as I was once.  (Voted for McGovern)
>ScottyCBoy@aol.com wrote:
>> In a message dated 4/8/99 9:14:42 PM Central Daylight Time,
>> urquattro@surfree.com writes:
>> << Oh, I know this.  But while it may help initial torque, it limits the
>>  potential of the engine to produce massive amounts of power without
>>  modifications.
>>  Basically, I don't like the theory of small bore long stroke engines.
>>  puts a lot of stress on the lower end, and limits redline and power
>>  potentials...
>>  For example, Audi engines have what, 86 mm strokes lets say, that's
about 3
>>  inches or so.  An F 1 or Porsche boxer engine has a stroke of maybe
>>  inches...sometimes less...
>>  that is the way to go...large bore, short stroke....interesting way for
>>  Audi to go...but i guess they really aren't a performance car
>>  company.....hmm >>
>> Audi makes commuter cars, that is cars for every day driving, and the
>> occasional weekend driving event.  That means one thing TORQUE.  With
>> you can always get horsepower and using the proper gearing the sky is the
>> limit.  Look at some of the modern turbo Diesel Trucks torque in the
>> of 1,200 to 2,000 ft lb. of torque.  Some of the European racing trucks
>> top out way above 150 MPH, it's torque that glues your back to the seat
>> horsepower.
>> Scotty