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Re: S4

Sure there is. They just might not fall into your narrow (not to mention
unstated) definition of "true, proven high performance".

Long stroke engine don't appreciate high revs, that much is certainly a
given. But that is outside of their design parameters, so that's immaterial.
It's certainly isn't the stroke itself that is the problem.

 The difference on my engine of bore to stroke is about a quarter inch.

Some high performance engines run @ twenty rpm.

>My POINT was that no true, proven, high performance engine uses the small
>bore, long stroke method of engine making.  It puts alot of stress on the
>rods and crank, and results in many more problems.  Audi has a HORRIBLE
>efficiency (BMEP i believe) with their engines, and that is why most
>people have to run 3.0 bar of boost to get major power.
>That is my problem...not all that thorough, but basically that
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