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Re: Ur-q starting (not)

I'll cast my vote for the heat soak problem, Chevy small block V8 engines with
aftermarket headers tend to have that problem as the headers pass too close to
the starter and overheat it, resulting in a no start condition until cool down.

Bob wrote:

> Jim Haseltine wrote:
> >
> > On occasion my 88 Ur quattro will refuse to start, usually at the most
> > inconvenient times and places. Tends to be when trying to restart after a
> > journey, the starter just appears to be completely dead, just 'clunks' but
> > doesn't turn. It did it tonight in my drive after my trip home from work (25
> > miles fairly fast so things were hot under the bonnet) and the only response
> > to the key was a click from the starter solenoid. It started fine later. The
> > starter is about 18 months old.
> > Theories?
> > Starter suffering heat soak?
> Yes, mine did the same thing. It was one of two things (I did them both
> at the same time, so who knows).   I completely cleaned the terminals on
> the starter/solenoid, they were pretty grungy plus I added heat shield
> (insulated wrap) around the starter. It never happened again.
> Bob

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