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86 5000 groaning

Sometimes the groaning is caused buy the springs, because of failing strut
bearings. The top of the spring does not turn smoothly anymore, and it
builds up tension when the wheels are turned, and pops with irregular
intervals forward or backwards to catch up with the bottom. This sound is
like a popping and groaning noise since the spring is like a resonator ((:))
A new bearing cost about $15.00   If you still have your original rack, you
are probably due for a replacement, like most of us around here. If it leaks
you should replace because it gets expensive keeping your reservoir full,
bad for your transm. mount, makes a very dirty stain on driveway and is
embarassing. Rebuild rack $185  How to: Post 10-25-'98. Thanks Wallace White
and Mike Arman, it worked for me:)! Good Luck, Martin 5KCSTQ 1.8 Bar