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Re: Going to the Mid Ohio Quattro drivers' school?

Brandon Hull wrote:

> I'm posting this to because I just learned that the White Fence Inn, a B&B
> on a farm literally adjacent to the track, is practically empty for these
> dates.  If you're going, and staying overnight, this is a great place to
> stay.  (It's where Penske stays when they're in town) Phone is 419-884-2356.
> (slight affiliation: 15 yr. friends and longtime happy cust; sorry for low
> general-interest bw...)
I'm a Mansfield, OH native. I have shared many drinks at the White Fence
Inn with a fraternity brother of mine when he visits-- 2 Ferraris, ZR1,
Jaguar sumpinerother, Boxster, riced out AdnoH, Very modified GTI,

A nice stable. His sister taught a Q-club event a coupla years back...

Nonetheless, If anyone has Mansfireld/Lexington Ohio questions, shoot me
a line...

Ted Harlan
90 CQ