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Re: missnig in action....

In message <000101be8323$419488e0$02000003@Dell_Boy.minedu.govt.nz> "Dave Eaton" writes:

> taking christine (black ur-q) out for a spin this afternoon and hitting a
> tight 270 degree left hander hard.  i nailed it (as you do) in 3rd and got
> the car working.  then, to my surprise, the motor cut (like when it hits the
> rev limiter - it wasn't close to doing that).  i had about 1/8th of a tank
> of jungle juice left and so think it was probably fuel starvation.  not
> other signs "engine check etc".
> any other ideas out there?

First thing to check is inlet manifold grounds.  Second thing is to
pull the codes _anyway_, even if you didn't see a "Check Engine" light.
Reason 1 - it checks that the bulb is working.  Reason 2 - some faults
store codes but don't flash the light.  Then pull and replace fuse (26?)
to reset the Motronic (I assume we're talking about your 20V).

 Phil Payne
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