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Re: McKamey Autocross school

 Any thoughts/suggestions (e.g., helpful books to read in 
advance) would be appreciated.  Thanks. <<<

Among the cone dodging set, McKamey is the equivalent to Skip Barber or Elf
Winfield. (ok maybe not quite Elf Winfield). You will have maximum seat
time, you will make your car do things you never dreamed it could, you will
wear out a set of tires ;), you WILL have FUN.

Check out the Novice Handbook by Kate Hughes' : 

Dick Turner's "the art of autcrossing" is an old standby, but IMHO the best
preparation is practice. Between now and the school, practice being smooth
and precise. Hit all the apexes on the way to work, shift as smoothly as
you can. Turn into and out of a corner with one single motion of the wheel,
none of this mid corner correction or one-handed steering. Autocross is a
precision sport rather than outright speed; and to be fast you have to be

Although you won't get much high speed time, autocross school probably has
less consequences than a traditional track school, if you spin the worst
that can happen is flat spot your tires and some cone scuffs. Plus learning
vehicle dynamics now will better prepare you for that high speed drift
through the esses at Mid Ohio someday.

Remember, tires are expendable.


'88 80q (daily driver)
78 911SC (3.2L autox'er)