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Re: Heat-soaked starters...

JustaxPHX@aol.com wrote:
> Interestingly, I've never had any starting problems with my Ur-Q and I live
> in Arizona.  However, I've had starting problems with each and every 4k that
> I've ever owned and since they share the same basic chassis/electrical
> system, I'll make an observation: Whenever this situation occurred -- and it
> occurred frequently, especially during the summer! -- I cured it by
> triggering the starter with a shot of 12v directly from the battery.  On the
> 4k, there is a large plastic connector located on the firewall and I simply
> unplugged it and ran a clip lead from the battery to it ... voila!  (this is
> also how I was almost run over by my own car once -- I'd accidently left it
> in gear -- but that's another story).

That sounds like the opposite of what I would expect! The 4000 has a
load reduction relay where the UrQ doesnt. (83 anyway..) By putting 12V
directly to the starter you are only bypassing your ignition switch,
right? Doesnt that prove its the switch that is failing?

Just curious.