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Re: Mis-behaving 4kq

In message <Pine.SUN.4.05.9904101914070.4259-100000@delta.ece.nwu.edu> "Mark L. Chang" writes:

> ... and the story continues ...

> swapped plugs and the problem _doesn't_ move with the plug.  Damn.  Do
> these injectors just pull off?  Bentley/Haynes seems to say they just yank
> on out.  I gave a nice tug, but nothing -- didn't want to break anything.

> I wanted to swap injectors like Phil said and see what happens.

I remove the MB's injectors by clamping a large pair of grips on them
and then levering the grips away from the cam cover with a large
straight pry bar that unaccountably says "screwdriver" on the handle.

But injectors _can_ be hard to shift.  The removal of my Passat's
injectors is documented in the archives, but it involved removing the
head, bolting it to a railway sleeper (tie) and employing my super-fit
18-year-old son (who swims _fast_ for fun) on a three-foot wrecking

The harder they are to shift, the more important it is that they _are_
shifted and the more likely it is that you'll need to replace the
O-rings that seal the top of the injectors.

 Phil Payne
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