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removing SCHMUTZED on windshield caulk..help...!!

any ideas about removing windshield caulk/sealer from painted surfaces w/o 
damaging paint?  i have a car that Rube Goldberg installed the replacement 
windshield himself, and used windshield caulk/sealer instead of a new 
seal...(prolly spent more on the damn tubes of windshield caulk!!).....  he 
schmutzed  <--- (Pa Dutch speak ;<) the caulk all around the windshield 
perimeter and well onto the body paint..   how can i remove this caulk 
without damaging the paint underneath?  it's rubbery, and peels up alittle, 
but it's sticking pretty good..  cant scrape it, it will scrape thru to the 
paint.  will any kind of solvent dissolve the caulk without hurting the 
paint?   i tried mineral spirits, and it wont work.
any help appreciated..

didnt got to the englishtown nj show today....it's sleeting :<(   (i was 
wearing shorts last week, and ~NOW~ it's sleeting and in the 30's... :<(