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Re: Heat-soaked starters...

> That sounds like the opposite of what I would expect! The 4000 has a
>  load reduction relay where the UrQ doesnt. (83 anyway..)

Neither of my '81 4ks had any load-reduction relays, despite what the Bentley 
might show ... nor did my '85, as  I recall, but that was a grey-market car 
and it may have been different than the US-spec cars.  In each case, though, 
I was only getting 10vdc (or less) at the connector I mentioned previously 
and the starter would not crank.  With 12vdc or more,  it cranked fine.

> By putting 12V directly to the starter you are only bypassing your ignition 
> right? Doesnt that prove its the switch that is failing?

Or the wiring to and from the switch...