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FS: Audi OEM alloy rims/Michelin MXV4 195/65/15

For Sale: I have a set of Audi OEM alloy rims (the flat-faced design, off my '92
100S), with 195/65/15 Michelin MXV4 tires. (I'm pretty sure they are H-rated,
not V-rated.)

The tires are brand new (I drove only about a week on them... probably 200
miles), and are balanced and mounted on the rims.

The rims are in excellent shape. They are the 6 x15 ET45 (offset of 45mm) Audi
OEM alloy rims (5 bolt pattern).

I have no use for them, since I have put Borbet rims w/ Comp T/A tires on my
car. They are just taking up space in the garage.

These tires alone sell for over $100 apiece brand new (still/currently/last time
I checked). So, with the rims and tires together, I am looking for $400 for the
whole package. I may consider selling just the tires... if someone is interested
in them alone... but I'd rather not have to dismount them. We can talk...

I'd also rather not ship them, so I am mostly looking for buyers in the New
England area.

E-mail me if interested.

                     Jim Griffin
                 ICQ # 1315286
'92 Audi 100S - '87 VW Quantum Syncro