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re: Audis in Chevy-land

Yo! Qlistahs! Kindly recall this fine tale next time y'all hear some good
fo' nuthin' scoundrel go bad-mouthin' us New Yawkahs!


>Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 11:14:16 EDT
>From: QSHIPQ@aol.com
>Subject: Audis in Chevy-land
>Easter for this audidude was spent exercising the qwagon in the back roads of
>NY watershed resevoirs (Catskills of NY).  Many a fine road was carved for
>over a week.  However, on the way back home yesterday, the threaded portion
>of my left rear koni red decided to leave the top of the piston.  This, in
>turn, lowered the shock from the upper mount, bending the spring (Eibach C/O
>10in) which then rubbed against the inner wheel lip and the D40M2 that was
>attached.  Lucky for me I was only .5 miles from Exit 2 on I-80 (PA) at the
>time.  Pulled the rear wheel off to find everything was there, but not sure
>what to do about it without a welding setup.
>Within 5 minutes of sitting there, a guy came up, looked at the parts laying
>on the pavement, and asked what he could do.  In a curt sentence (what a jerk
>I was), "You could only help if you had a welder"  Get this answer "Well I've
>got Tig, Mig, heliarc or braze."  (hello savior!!).  A quick run up to his
>shop, and within a couple minutes I had an exellent heliarc weld (peened and
>hardened to boot) and was on the way back to the patient.  Gary dropped me
>off at the car, money offers sternly declined, and my brush with kindness was
>gone...  For now.
>While we were talking and welding, I had forgotten to grab the top nut of the
>shock off his workbench (we removed it for welding).  Bummer would be an
>understatement.  So, as I spent the next half hour trying to figure which nut
>on the car to donate to the cause, another gentleman shows up, and offers to
>run back to his "cars behind the barn" to get me a nut.  In the meantime,
>Gary (welder) shows up again on the way to his kids soccer game.  I told him
>what I forgot, and he zoomed away without another word.  Both guys show up at
>the same time (the guy with the "cars" has a correct thread nut), and my
>welding guy shows up with the original, stacked bumper to bumper these two
>guys, the race to help was almost comic.  15 minutes later, the car is packed
>and we are rolling again.  Total time lost, 1 hour, 20 minutes.
>Revenge of the audi gods, humbled in the face of total strangers in the
>middle of nowhere.
>One very humble and thankful Chicago guest in the middle of nowhere too.
>Scott Justusson
>'87 5ktqwRS2 (bent spring, lathed inner wheel and tire, "modded" shock)
>'84 Urq
>'87 4Runner turbo

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