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A4 yuppie scum in Boston

So, I'm tooling along on the Mass Pike out of Boston, minding my own 
business in a good, semi-law-abiding-mood(75-80ish) in the left 
lane(doing what one should in the left lane, passing other cars) when 
some yuppie scum in a new a4 1.8t(lic. plate and color not provided 
to protect the annoying) comes flying up.

He sticks around for a bit, not going around into the rightmost lane 
or anything(probably waiting for "slow poke 5000" to get out of his 
way by merging into the lane full of traffic.)  I quickly got tired 
of his ability to apply armor-all to my rear bumper, so I floored it. 
The 115-ish HP difference between our cars solved the immediate 
problem of his little bumper-hugging habit.

Grr.  Further proof there should be an ownership exam.  Great car, 
but lots of annoying drivers; half buy 'em for status symbolsin these 
parts(same ones are permanently afflicted with the 
izzard syndrome.)

Bah.  Such a waste.

91 200q20v a la TAP
Brett Dikeman
"Diplomacy is the art of telling someone to go to hell and making 
them happy to be on their way." - Mark Twain

"Oh no.  Not again." - The bowl of Petunias

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big enough hammer." -- Sun System & Network Admin manual

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