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Re: Getting power out of small motors.

Mike Myers decided to speak these words:

><<  I beg to differ on whoever wrote this - The R-Type V-Tec's with a
>jackson racing supercharger, bolt on, (read - less than a turbo conversion
>- about 2400$.) churns out about 250 hp.  Now, if you're not impressed by
>that, there's something wrong with you. >>
>An additional 55 hp for $2400, after life with turbos, it takes more than
>that to impress me...

that and the fact that turbocharging is far superior supercharging.  
Turbos are more reliable, last longer, dont take any power from the 
engine to produce some, can handle more boost, and contrary to popular 
belief, superchargers dont produce all that much torque down low..

This info:  From Steve Dinan himself....i went to a presentation of his 
and he stated:  I dont do turbo kits anymore because people think that 
turbos are unreliable, they dont sell, so i make supercharger kits. 


Michael Sheridan Williams
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