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Re: How I spent my weekend...


> I now have three more to remove (5,6, and 7 frm the front).  they are
> not being nice about it.  I could use my IM but the newer one has less
> useless vacuum attachments.  Any ideas to make this a little easier,
> besides yanking the head?

I had at least 3 of them stripped due to rust.  I just hammered on a useless
12 point socket that just looks like it might fit.  With a big hammer they
actually go on and not bad grip.  That's the only way I could get them off
without taking the head off.

> Which leads to the next question... there is a vacuum or PCV type hose
> hooked up to a little flange between I think the #2 and #3 injector -
> right into the head.  I wonder how inportant this is?  I know I will not
> be using the block vent hose, since the 82 has no block vent, is this
> just another PCV thing I can do without or is it important to the
> running of the motor?

This is the connection for the air shrouded injectors.From 1985 Model change
"All gasoline engines are now equipped with an improved second generation
version of air shrouded injectors.  A metal injector insert with tapered
threads and tighter tolerances is used.  A plastic air shroud is attached to
the insert and sealed in the cylinder head with an "O" ring.
The injectors have a special nozzle which is attached to the tip of the
injector and seals itself in the air shroud.  This nozzle directs the
metered air directly around the injector needle to provide more complete
fuel atomization."
They started putting them on 1984 CIS-E cars.
Best effect is during idle.

> And... anyone know if the Hall generator on the K and KE cars is really
> the same?  the connector is different, but the same three terminals -
> would be easier to do this if I don't swap distributors as well.

I would think they would have different mechanical advance.  As well as the
CIS-E has only the vacuum advance while the CIS has both vacuum advance and
retard (both sides of the diaphragm).

Martin Pajak


1982 Audi Coupe Turbo (475,000 km)
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