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Feeling like Homer Simpson...(Weeping 3B oil Pan Gasket)

Finally found the source of the slow oil leak on the 200 TQW...

When the engine is hot, oil weeps out of the pan gasket near the front
of the pan, by the oil filter, just where the pan extension starts.
I tried loosening and retightening the allen bolts, to no avail.

When I found this yesterday, I started thinking:

"stupid oil pan!!!! $#%#$^#^#%^^&^&!!!! Doh, Doh...

Then realized that I was dealing with the Audi Gods...

Oops, nice Audi...

So now that I finally have the TQW almost all buttoned up, with a 
new H20 pump, TB, idler, belts, thermostat, rebuilt alternator, starter,
new plugs, bomb, bilstein, Eurolights, and a whopping 2 miles
of test drives, (after having to drop the subframe, oil pan, and oil
pump to retrieve a broken idler pulley bolt, replace the pan
and oil pump gasket) the question is:

Will I have to redrop the pan and try again with another
new gasket?

Is there a secret to reinstalling the oil pan gasket?

Stupid gasket!!!...


-Peter Schulz
1991 TQW weeping oil...
1990 CQ