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Re: Auto Trans leaking

Dave Conner wrote:
> John asks, re: an 89 100...
> >Does anybody have experience with a leaking transmission pan gasket?
> >I replaced it once but it still seems to be leaking.
> Yes.
> And my experience is that it may not be the pan gasket.  These AT's are
> prone to leaking from several other places.
> Mine leaks the worst from the right side at a 3 inch flat/round disk
> (second gear something or other).

2nd gear servo seal, BTDT.  Here's some G2 for the 3sp AT tranny owners. 

After a $2200. rebuild of my 89 100's tranny/diff last week, a word of
caution.  According to the shop that rebuilt my transaxle,  Audi AT's,
when little sh*t like you have start happening,  _don't_ tolerate it
very well.

When I look back on the history of my tranny/diff, I tolerated little
leaks for months on end, kept adding fluid.  The cumulative effect,
again according to the shop, was lower than normal internal pressures
that stressed valve bodies and brake bands.  Add to that the infamous
bad seal between diff and tranny and the accident was waiting to happen.
Fix leak you have PDQ, and keep an eye out for others.  And if you're
planning on keeping the car, and it hasn't been done, I'd get the whole
damn thing resealed/gasketed just for the piece of mind.
Mike Murphy