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Re: calling Dave Hord, EKTA CD question

Dylan Hi from Greece,

I am using my ETKA on a laptop with 1024 X 768 pixels.
I do not see all the ETKA screen in one piece but I can move it with the
I hope this will help you provided that you laptop can support this

Pantelis Giamarellos

P.S. In case you still have "blind"spots try using the F2 button. You can
get a selectable zoom in view of the fiche this way.

Subject: was: calling Dave Hord, EKTA CD question

>Thanks Pat and Phil; - unfortunately my 3 year old laptop won't support the
>12x10K resolution; I run many graphic programs but have never needed res.
>this high. Hopefully this is not an issue for most folks out there but if
>you run into the same problem, i.e., truncated window on EKTA cd, now you
>know why.
>I'm hopeful that my boss will sympathize and spring for a new computer :)
>Dylan Jenkins