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Re: Electrical woes & Hot switches/bulbs

> my old headlight switch (drum type) took a dive after getting so hot as to
> melt the plastic housing that plugs into it.  i replaced, and voila!
> lights all around again.  however, i noticed it was still getingt very
> warm, sometimes hot, to the touch when the lights are on.
> This morning, i lost a headlight on the way to work, my headlight switch
> is almost untouchable form the heat, as is the spot above the backlight
> for the heater controls and the ashtray light.

1. you gotta relay your headlights to to unload the switch.

2.  I wonder if someone put a too-high wattage bulb in your heater

3.  it is rumored (and prolly correct) that it's also a good idea to
relay the parking light circuit(s) as well, but this isn't as easy as
doing the headlights.

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 85 Coupe GT