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Re: A4 yuppie scum in Boston

In a message dated 4/12/99 9:08:09 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
Sean_Ford@idx.com writes:

<< Please move to the right when traffic approaches from the rear.

How about following the courteous rules of the road "keep right except to 
pass". It is really simple,and worked for years until some bonehead decided 
that it was demeaning to be in the  right lane and be passed. It seems they 
think its better to block the left lane so NO ONE can go faster than THEM. If 
the police insisted that rule be followed, life on the road would be better 
and safer for everyone. The road rage phenomena is driven by this one 
fshionable yuppie trait. DOWN WITH LEFT LANE BANDITS EVERYWHERE!!!!! Anyone 
want to know where I stand on gun control? Can you guess my hot button??
Frank Santoro
1990 V8
1998 A8