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Re: WTB: CGT "tubular headers" sold by TAP

Mik's Mail wrote:
> I'm looking for a set of the tubular headers once sold by TAP,
> which were designed for the CGT's.
> I phoned TAP today, and they stated they have been sold
> out of these for quite sometime!  Big suprise to me!
> Anyone have a set they would be willing to sell?

I priced these many years ago, and they were something ridiculous like
$550. Now, consider the horsepower increase they're likely to give you
for the money. 10hp? 20? For that same $550, you could buy a Schrick cam
or get some nice head work done (I'd go for the latter). Easier and
cheaper solution is to use a 4kQ manifold system. This is good for
10-15hp and can be junkyard accessed for probably $50. You'll have to
make a pipe to join the downpipe and the converter, but it sure won't
cost $550. 

"Life is too short to drive boring cars."

Dwight Varnes, insurance appraiser and car nut
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1986 Audi Coupe GT (bigger engine at machine shop, Schrick in the box,
euro manifold, 4kQ sway bar, rear discs on the way)
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