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Re: removing a 5k windshield...help!

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Sent: Monday, April 12, 1999 1:56 AM
Subject: removing a 5k windshield...help!

Chris wrote:

> hi..  upon cleaning all the schmutz (caulk) off the perimiter of the
> windshield on my '86 5k TQ, i realized what the schmutz was covering...
>  :<(   so now i have to pull the windshield.  Apparently when Mr. Rube
> Goldberg (the DPO) did his bang-up  job of windshield replacement, he cut
> thru the paint with a mat knife when he was removing the old windshield,
> didnt bother to touch up the gouges in the paint, under the seal, so it
> rusted.   the rust is surface only, no holes.

    This seems to be a common problem on the Type 44's. Even the
"professional" windshield replacement shops sometimes cut the paint when
removing these windshields. I had to repair similar damage to my '91 200q a
couple of years ago. I go through one windshield a year on average due to
the odd piece of 3/4" diameter "sand" used on the roads up here for winter

> whats the best technique for pulling a 5k windshield? it has the stainless
> windshield surround trim..  what do the seals usually run, and who has the
> best prices?

These windshields have an outer trim seal but are structurally bonded to the
car with urethane adhesive. They are a real PITA to remove. When I went back
to Standard Auto Glass after my last windshield replacement to gentley
admonish them for installing the windshield wipers in the "park" position
with the arms stopped in the "up" position, the tech told me they absolutely
hated working on Audis - said the windshields were the hardest to R&R of any
make they worked on. I would suggest paying one of the "do it in the
driveway" shops to R&R your windshield (usually $100 or so).

 i also want to eliminate the rust (once and for all) around the
> windshield, and re-spray the paint around the windshield before it gets
> re-installed (it's pearlescent white..what a joy to repaint :<( ...any
> on that??

Only one way to do a proper job. Remove the windshield, sandblast the
pinchweld, and respray with a good epoxy primer, followed by a two-part
urethane primer, followed by your topcoat. You can use the old windshield as
a sandblast mask by leaving it in the hole while you blast ( drop it 1 " to
do the top, move it over 1" to do the side, etc.) You will get some sand in
the car, but sand is clean and vacuums up easily. The discouraging part is
the paint is likely to get cut on the next windshield change and since the
cut is hidden by the trim seal, you only notice it when the rust shows up.


Fred Munro
'91 200q  272k km ( 3 chips this winter but the glass is still intact!